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Blushing Beauties - Debunking Common Misconceptions About the Pink Drink

The weather is getting nicer and everyone is dusting off the patio furniture so it must be rosé season!  Our favorite blushing beauty often gets a bad wrap.  Let's look to debunk some of these common misconceptions. Misconception 1: Rosé wine is just a blend of red and white wine. This is one of the most common misconceptions about rosé wine. Unlike red and white wines, rosé wine is made by allowing the grape skins to have limited contact with the juice during fermentation. This creates the pink color and unique flavor profile of rosé wine. Misconception 2: Rosé wine is only for women. This is a stereotype that needs to be debunked. Rosé wine is enjoyed by people of all genders and is not limited to any particular demographic. In fact, many male sommeliers and wine experts appreciate the complexity and versatility of rosé wine. Misconception 3: All rosé wines are sweet. While some rosé wines can be sweet, many others are dry and crisp. The level of sweetness in a rosé wine depen
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Uncharted Waters That Turn Into Wine

 Welcome to the first post of my first ever blog!  My intent with this blog is to take you on a journey with me as I learn wine.  As background, I purchased The Wine Vault October 1, 2022 at which point, I knew very little about wine other than the fact that I typically liked sweet wine.  Think concord grapes.  I also knew that I wanted to like dryer wine for a couple of reasons...1. I don't need all the extra sugar and 2.  I thought dry red wine was so sophisticated.  Turns out, the only rule about drinking wine is to drink what you like. Fast forward 6 months to present day.  I've tried more wines than I can count, and I can tell you that I've surprised myself with what I now like compared to just a few months ago.  It's been a fun little journey but admittedly, wine can be intimidating.  So...what I want to do with this blog is to start to demystify it.  Give the every day drinker more confidence to try what they may not think they will like.  A sort of wine drinking